"We are more than happy to announce Peter Strickmanns new LP Mellow Toes. Strickmann is an artist performing, installing and manipulating sounding activity in public and domestic environments. While collaborating with various improvising musical groups or noise-makers and exhibiting in a variety of contexts, he generally observes the behaviour of sound and the habits of listening in diverse routine-settings or extra-ordinary circumstances." (label info) "Mellow Toes comes as the second excerpt from my Schnarcharchiv (snoring-collection). This growing collection contains audio-recordings of sleeping humans, friends, and animals in all places and states of rest, sleep and nap, captured during night- and daytime since 2009. It all started during my daily afternoon-naps when I observed my own body getting hyper-sound-sensitive on its way to sleep. In these situations my chest, my arms, my toes turned out to become my biggest ears. It made me search for ways to share and reproduce these hallucinatory and enjoyable states of awake fatigue and airy interspace. Now, the two compositions on Mellow Toes are an attempt to do so. They contain parts of the snoring material that I collected during the last eight years, aswell as some sounds of my prepared objects instruments. The instruments noise may appear as the cheeping bird outdoors that pokes your sleepy mellow toe. All the snoring and sleeping rhythms here, they may help this bird to have a much stronger voice then commonly known." (Peter Strickmann)
in stock | DE| 2018| ANA OTT | 16.90

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