"Petri Hagner is a film director and a rock musician. In 1993 through 1997 Hagner played in the rock band Circle. The film follows Esko Lönnberg who is making a film about the rock band Circle. Lönnberg, a 59-year-old HVAC manager, left his job in Sweden and returned to his hometown of Pori, Finland, to pursue his artistic desires. In Pori, he found kindred spirits in the local experimental band Circle whose members are half of his age. The shooting for the Circle movie mostly takes place in the countryside where the band is recording their next album. The circumstances turn out to be chaotic, but Esko tries to keep the crowd together, even though he does not know himself if he is going to end up with fiction or non-fiction - and problems ensue. The film premiered at Tampere Film Festival 2010 and received an honorary mention in the over 30-minute movies category. DVD-release also includes "Naked Sushi Lunch". A 30 minute documentary by Petri Hagner. region free double sided with PAL on one side and NTSC on the other." (label info) Music by Circle.
in stock | FI| 2010| FONAL | 16.90

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