"The CD Play:lunch evolved out of the idea to record a piece that deals with the joys of a good lunch and its preparation etc. (to buy food, prepare it, to eat...). To that reason Plate Lunch commissioned two French composers -- as France is well known for its excellent 'cuisine' -- to compose and record a piece for this CD. Philippe Blanchard (Lt. Caramel, Pierre Bouchet) contributes with a 30-minute long piece of acousmatic music in five parts that is titled 'Cpt.Cook'. The basic sounds were recorded during a stay in Syria in 1999. For the second part of his piece he recently received the prize 'RFO' of Radio France in the competition 'Chasseurs De Son'. For Christian Renou this is the first time he releases a piece using his real name -- his first step away from the countless works he has released as Brume since the early 80's. His contribution -- a 30 minute long piece of electro-acoustic music in 4 parts -- is titled 'Cuisine et Impedance'. All of the basic sounds were recorded in his kitchen. Play:lunch gives the listener the opportunity to discover the works of two still widely neglected French composers and to enjoy their excellent acoustic lunch plates." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2000| PLATE LUNCH | 6.90

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