NIBLOCK, PHILL - G2, 44+/x2 (CD)

"In 2019, Niblock can no longer host his annual 6 hour-long solstice concert at the Experimental lntermedia loft; not only did the neighbors complain, the landlord sued. But the validity of his prescription is undiminished, for it takes sonic volume and spatial confinement to unlock his music's true nature. Give the sound waves a boost and something hard to smack against, and they begin to shiver and multiply so that tones transform tones and every turn of the head (or every new room) yields a new listening experience. But Guitar too, for four is notable in Niblock's oeuvre for its independence from loudness. While it sounds great turned up, the additive process that yielded the CD's two versions has resulted in music that changes most rewardingly, even when heard at modest volume." (label info) Alan Licht, Kevin Drumm, Lee Ranaldo, Robert Poss, Thurston Moore; Recorded By Jim O'Rourke. Matte laminate embossed sleeve, insert card, 24 page book with linear notes from Bill Meyer, interview and photos. Design by Traianos Pakioufakis.
in stock | AU| 2020| ROOM40 | 19.90

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