"Ambassador Duos" presents a selection of four duo improvisations that Düsseldorf-based composer Phillip Schulze has recorded over the past ten years with multi-instrumentalist and composer Anthony Braxton, sound- and action-artist Christian Jendreiko, composer and ethnomusicologist Andrew Raffo Dewar, and DJ/producer Detlef Weinrich, aka Tolouse Low Trax. The double album describes encounters by these musicians with an electro-acoustic, responsive compositional instrument, whose algorithms Schulze has continuously modified since 2001- a means to seek, in the artist's words, "a dialogue with external (analog), spatial and internal (digital) realities." Here in "Ambassador Duos" the center of Schulze's attentions are presented as "transidiomatic, interpersonal communications, augmented with instruments." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2015| APPARENT EXTENT | 20.90

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