""I don't want to be too negative," Physical Therapy recently told The Fader, "but I will say that people spend a little too much time focusing on trying to invent these imaginary scenes and micro-genres and trends instead of taking the music a little more at face value." Listen to "Safety Net," an uncommonly sprawling 20-minute EP for the ever-interesting Hippos In Tanks label, and you'll see why folks might be looking for something to latch onto: from rumbling hardcore to chugging downtempo experiments to what might once have been called electronica, the Leonia, New Jersey-based producer grabs from more bags simultaneously than you'd think he has hands for. But Physical Therapy makes a good point about "face value": when you take a step back, soften your gaze and unfix all the pegs your brain immediately wants to stick in his sound, you'll find yourself swept away by surprisingly beautiful music." (Resident Advisor)
in stock | UK| 2012| HIPPOS IN TANKS | 11.90

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