""Detached from all Objects" is almost completely spared from today's hysteria and is more foreboding and distorted as their first album "Teslas Aquarium". They operate with great pleasure in dissecting the vast possibilities of the song formats without losing any of the clarity. "Eure Qual ist unser Quell" exemplifies the keyboard virtuoso Kubin truly is. He works as always with historical analog maschines, organ instruments and with sessile affections to the 60's Electronic Scene, "Geniale Dilletanten", Franz Lambert and Neuer Krach. He utilizes filters, samplers and auto suggestive snips to form the music around Pia Burnette's heart. The listener is rewarded with Kubinistic style of soloentertainer swing with a touch of early ebm, psycehdelic art therapy song up to noise poetry of ending hitech laboratories in the presence of melancholy organ harmonies. Pia Burnette's voice is on the exterior lucid and on the interior convoluted, sometimes ironically seductive or other times subtly aggressive. If one could combined the styles of Diamanda Galas and Kate Bush include urban understatement, one could then perhaps have some orientation of the voice of Pia Burnette." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2007| GAGARIN | 14.90

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