"Pick-Up is the Dutch duo of Frans de Waard (electronics) and Martin Luiten (resonator guitar). Both are longtime figures in the European experimental music scene since the mid 80's. Martin and Frans started their duo Pick-up in 2008 and worked together intensely for about two years. During this period they recorded numerous live sessions of a volatile set up in which Martin plays his resonator guitar and effects, which Frans pick-up on the spot and fed through real-time computer effects. "Departure" is a fine atmospheric work of contemporary experimental music, minimal electronics, sci-fi, hypnotic drones, Fennesz-like lush textures, hypnotic ring mod madness... despite the electronic nature of the music, it never loses its human side, leaving room for blues accents, in fact it seems like the guitar is left raw at times, while the laptop elaborates minimal layers around it and vice versa. Pro-dubbed imprinted clear tapes, with 3-panel full color printed covers, edition of 90." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2013| ULTRAMARINE | 6.50

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