"Martin Luiten and Frans de Waard are both from Nijmegen and both part of the same musical 'scene' - if there is such a thing. They played together in 2003 when their bands Girlfriends and Beequeen played a collaborative concert, and the two met on the sunday afternoon improvisation concerts. Yet its not been until this year that they decided to work together, Martin on guitar and electronics and Frans picking the sound up with his laptop. Extremely fruitful sessions were held, and resulted in one LP to be released soon by Important Records and this LP, released by Plinkity Plonk. Five pieces of repeating guitars, swirling electronics and the finest drones. Laptop blues? Call it what you like. Sit back and relax." (label info) 100 copies only, few copies back in stock!
in stock | DE| 2008| PLINKITY PLONK | 14.90

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