special offer! "This is Mr Whyte's debut full length. In fact it's his debut release. We don't know where he's from or where he is now. What we do know is that he lived in Vancouver for some portion of his life (the portion in which this record was created) but no longer lives there. We know that he traveled during the creation of this record. Hence the tracks Winter '03 - created from field recordings of his December 2003 trip to northern Canadian small town, Prince George, and Spring '04 created from sounds of his following trip to Cuba. Piers Whyte is a mystery to us. The master for his record was mailed to us without a note or label and the track listing was mailed as 9 separate letters, each one numbered. He refuses to answer any questions about his background. One thing he has revealed to us is that he played bass in a noise/punk band with Jack Duckworth (Radio Berlin) and Andy Dixon (Secret Mommy) called Heavy Party. The band broke up when Mr. Whyte left town without notice. Much like his persona, this full length is also a mystery. As listeners, we're left wondering many things, all of which are most likely answerless." (label info) "Ever wonder what an explosion of a dozen iMacs running Reaktor sounds like? Ever ponder what would happen if somebody sampled Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music and jumbled its DNA? Piers Whyte, baby--abstract glitch with its shirt untucked and its blood over-caffeinated." (Seattle Stranger)
in stock | CA| 2005| ACHE RECORDS | 4.90

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