FRED LOMBERG-HOLM, LIZ PAYNE, MICHAEL COLLIGAN; "Following Pillow's self-titled debut CD (BoxMedia) and last year's terrific, LP-only Field on Water (hereforeveralways), Three Henries presents Pillow's unique, complex-yet-minimal music with the greatest clarity and sharpest character we've yet heard from this group. With careful attention to details and emphasis on the group as a collective, Pillow's way of playing and creating structures organically carries in it's body/spirit elements of Morton Feldman, AMM and even the flowing electronics of the A-Musik/Mego/Sahko school of macro/micro-sound bliss/challenge. Communication is the keyword here, and, at it's best, Three Henries captures the near-telepathy achieved by these four talented musicians. Stunning, graceful, abrasive, gentle -- all of these things are Pillow." (label info)
in stock | SE| 2001| HÄPNA | 13.90

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