"The adjective I would associate with René's latest album would be 'awesome'. The abstract noun I would associate with 'Frozen Soundtracks' (said album) would be 'awesomeness'. It is a MASSIVE sounding record. When mastering it, the lego stormtrooper which sits on the desk fell over.obviously tripping on the rolling bass.'Frozen Soundtracks' might suggest an album of icey drones, and to many people this might be all distortion and cold noise. But then these people probably don't have ears, or have the attention-spans of lemons, because despite its title, this is seriously warm, cosy, magnificent music which I could just hug all day long. I told you I thought it was awesome." (Ian Hawgood)
in stock | UK| 2012| NOMADIC KIDS REPUBLIC | 9.90

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