""White Metal" is a new piece by Michael Pisaro, realised by the composer and Miguel Prado. Full score printed on the outer sleeve. With insert." (label info) "When I first heard that Michael was thinking of working on a project with the name "White Metal", I contacted him, excited to know more about it. At first we talked about general aspects of the piece, without knowing the route it would take, beyond a couple of conceptual premises. At some point, Michael suggested that this project be included in his "Grey Series" a series of noise-oriented scores he was then beginning. We had already agreed in principle that the entire structure of the piece would be derived from Mozart's 40th Symphony, and that obviously, "White Metal" should carry a variation of the concept "Black Metal" and the term "white noise". In this case I tried to explore "Black Metal" as some people have been doing, from the geophilosophy of real and psychic spaces." (M. Prado)
in stock | IT| 2014| SENUFO EDITIONS | 16.90

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