"This is the fourth solo album from groundbreaking sound artist Pita (real name Peter Rehberg). His previous solo albums as Pita (all on the Mego label) have all been landmarks in electronic music. His sound ranges from furious to minimalistic, but always with the same uncompromising attitude. To be true to ones ideas when trends come and go is something admirable in every artist. Get Off is his most varied album to date. Apart from his solo work, he is also a member of several groups, notably MIMEO (with Keith Rowe, Rafael Toral, Marcus Schmickler, Jerome Noetinger and others) and Fenn O'Berg (with Christian Fennesz and Jim O'Rourke). He is also one of the persons behind the influential Mego label." (label info)
in stock | SE| 2004| HÄPNA | 12.90

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