"SET YOUR CENTER BETWEEN YOUR PARTS IN ORDER TO is the highly anticipated follow up release to the stellar debut DISPLAY by danish artist pixel aka jon egeskov. as a professionally trained jazz musician with academic credentials, egeskov furthers his journey into the realm of minimalistic electronic music. with parts he continues merging digital (sound) artifacts with subsonic basslines in a rather allusive manner. inspired by african conflict and cross rhythms, pixel examines the potential of simultaneous yet independent pulsating metres. he fuses polyrhythmic and polymetrics with the signature raster-noton sound vocabulary and thus connects his work to the here and now. the tracks are heavily accentuated in regards to dynamics. they were recorded during several studio sessions without any overdubs (and without editing later). pixel may have drawn inspiration to proceed this way after witnessing live performances by pansonic and autechre. the songs were created intuitively and spontaneously during the process and performing and improvising. you can indeed hear that everything is floating and that there are no statics or incidental situations." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2006| RASTER-NOTON | 14.90

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