"With Salt og Vind Pjusk retums from an eight year album hiatus. This release is also the first seeing Pjusk as a solo project consisting of Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik. Salt og Vind (Salt and Wind) is, not surprisingly, about the forces of nature and the contrast between the volatile and the existing. In a wider sense it is about man's inability or struggle to grasp the eternal and instead seek temporary fulfillment. Salt og Vind is Pjusk's 4th album for 12k and comes in with an urgency and drive not often seen in their work.From the noisy, atonal start to "Det som aldri forsvinner" to the lush, exotic rhythmic pulse of "Ordene som blåste bort" there is a breadth of sound from the icy sublime to the detailed complexity. Pjusk's sense of space and production, as always, makes Salt og Vind an expansive and deep listen." (label info)
in stock | US| 2022| 12K | 15.90

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