"Play of Colour was highly regarded from before it's debut - Their track was selected and played on the radio by Ryuichi Sakamoto and they have opened up the Him and Mice Parade shows in Japan. And finally comes this debut album which was something worth waiting for! The arrangements in this album reminds us of "Loveless" My Bloody Valentine and the distorted guitar bursts like Mogwai and has an experimental approach as in Tortoise adding electronica elements which all blends at a high level. And not to mention the Daniel Johnston like junk SSW vocals which makes this an universally pop album - An album opened for every listeners. Their multi-musical background prevents them from getting stuck in a particular scene. They combine their diverse musical approach with advanced sound production and appeals not only to Post rock listeners but also to UK Rock, Dub heads among various music fans." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2004| NOVEL SOUNDS | 16.90

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