Since a year from revealing their talent and wide ability (from shoe-gazer to post rock, electronica) with their first album, They release this 2nd album "Symphonic Caravan" which is a spectacular one and only acoustics world. Keeping the basic musical elements of their 1st album, they focused in exploring originality and faced the inner-spirit of themselves which resulted to a rich visual-like expression. For the recording, they used guitar, bass and drum plus many other instruments such as accordion, turntable, ukulele, mandolin, kalimba, bamboo flute etc. They took these multi-national sonorities and weaved them by precise digital editing to patchwork the original rock sound. This album withholds pop composition techniques which resulted from an expedition to the psychedelic expansion of consciousness like Syd Barrett. It also includes idyllic turntable scratches like Kid Koala, Velvet Underground-like decadent guitar sounds and adventurous cut-up techniques that jumps the beautiful harmonies around on abstract tracks which is like surfing around music genres like a kaleidoscope. (label info)
in stock | JP| 2005| NOVEL SOUNDS | 16.90

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