"Digital acrobatics, synthetic poetry. The important with the electronica, the most deconstructed digital branch and sometimes the noisiest of the techno scene, it is to avoid a certain shape of claim and obligatorily experimental, that can eventually tire the listener. Rather than to want to put height the sight and to demonstrate the power of its software and its plug-ins, it is better to know how to play with sounds and ideas or better,Juggle with the poetic references.It is exactly the case of the Inhabitant of Marseilles Poborsk that composes here a magnificent music which does not amount to ape some glorious innovative Americans or Germans (the label Tigerbeat for example). It's the humor, the clear-cut melodies, moments of acrobatics and emotion, liquid and digital tones, and some tempos more gladly deconstructed, which make of this mini-album for the improper title, the beautiful success." (Trax magazine)
in stock | FR| 2008| m/vg+| TSUKU BOSHI | 12.90

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