"Pöllöt are a Finnish rock band formed in Turku in 2012. Previously, the band have released a tape called Ekat demot (Early demos) and played shows in Finland. Despite their brief history, the band have caused a stir in the music press and won over audiences up and down the country. Their music is a combination of the effortless joy of playing together and their catchy lyrics and melodies. The lyrics are boldly experimental little stories, adventures in the mysteries of daily life. Mood-wise, the material ranges from upbeat rock songs to rather more peaceful numbers. The members of Pöllöt have in the past played in bands such as Cats on Fire, The New Tigers, Lau Nau, Kiila, Jarse, Barry Andrewsin disko, Goodnight Monsters and Kauppilan puutarha. Jaakko Tolvi (guitar and vocals), Janne Kauppinen (guitar and vocals), Markus Jalonen (bass), Ville Hopponen (drums) and Jukka Herva (keyboard and vocals) have, between them, played on dozens of releases." (label info)
in stock | FI| 2014| FONAL | 13.90

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