Phil Minton - voice, Norbert Möslang - cracked everyday-electronics, ErikM - 3-k.pad system, Andy Guhl - cracked everyday-electronics, Günter Müller - ipod, mds, selected perc, electronics, cover artwork by Alex Hanimann. "For what became Poire_Z's last performance, the quartet invited an unlikely guest: British vocalist Phil Minton. The singer's highly idiosyncratic vocal experiments could be seen as the antithesis of Poire_Z's makeshift electronic spitter-spatter, but on the contrary, they complete each other rather well. Minton's snore-like drones, throaty overtones, and scrambled shortwave-esque mumbles integrate fully into Voice Crack's chirping cracked everyday electronics, Günter Müller's endless electronic treatments of minute percussive gestures and prerecorded sounds on iPod/MDs, and eRikm's relentless noise sculpting. . As swansongs go, this album sees Poire_Z leaving the stage in style." (All Music Guide)
in stock | CH| 2004| FOR 4 EARS | 14.80

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