"Poire Z is almost like a super group, as it's collaborative work between drummer Gunter Muller, electronics by Erik M and the cracked everyday electronics of Moslang and Guhl - the latter two known as Voice Crack. Presented here are two lengthy and heavy weighted pieces recorded at two different festivals. Overall the music is densely layered (although I can't say if this is a straight recording or a mixed multi-track version; I assume the first) which moves into various places and spaces. Small events happen all over the place, get their shape and move to the next small event. You can detect sine waves, radio signals, static drones. Poire Z moves cleverly from subdued areas into more noisy ones, in order to slide back into softer passages. They even hit upon a strong rhythmic section in their recording at the "Taktlos festival", that is almost Pan Sonic like. Great stuff." (FdW / Vital weekly)
in stock | FR| 2001| SONORIS | 9.90

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