"These last few years Rome based producer Egisto Sopor has been turning heads with a steady stream of most excellent releases. A cdr on Legowelt's Strange Life Records, a tape on 100 % Silk, a double LP on Planet Mu and an evergrowing series of jams that are put on soundcloud or on his youtube channel. All of which offer atmospheric acid tinged techno laced with idiosyncratic touches. He has thus developed quite a cult following among lovers of lo fi electronic music who eagerly await his next grainy video, that feel like lost transmissions from an early nineties MTV broadcast. Polysick doesn't get out much and keeps a low profile which adds to his rather enigmatic standing. With his new LP 'Daydream', Egisto has created the perfect soundtrack to a midnight trip through darkened cityscapes. Starting out like a confused jam session it slowly takes off and twists into uncanny shapes conjuring up images of a futuristic nightlife that plays out under neon lights, with a feeling of dread constantly lurking in the shadows. This is techno that tells a tale; a storyboard that comes pushing through in muffled flashes. A chase scene through deserted back alleys, executed while hunter and prey are both in a half-awake state, stuck in an infinite loop. And when the ambient synth twirls unravel and a 4/4 pulse kicks in and tears through the dreamy state of conciousness, it never signals a reassuring release of tension. You might dance to it, but not without anxiously looking over your shoulder." (label info) 180 gram vinyl
in stock | BE| 2013| AUDIOMER | 16.90

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