"Pondskater gets caught up in downbeat electronics on his new album "Way Out Ouest". In the pale garb of rhythmic twists, a way out is sought here, which is not found in six pieces. On the contrary, the multiple overlapping rhythms are in open conflict. They get entangled, they stumble, but they do not fall. A thicket that does not know the way out. In general, one gets the impression that the rhythmic elements have gained the upper hand in Pondskater. Basses are in the minority and the rare lead voices die quickly. Often only a single scratchy sound is placed prominently. A beginning, but no stories. Only sometimes the postulate of the reduction of the tonal is opposed by erratic voice collages, which also show no way out. They only refer to themselves and the strange exoticism of the foreign. Perhaps two different perspectives on the same labyrinth from which there is no escape:" (label info) Edition of 250 black copies. 6 track EP. FLAC/MP3 download link included.
in stock | DE| 2022| HAUCH | 21.90

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