This 4LP vinyl package includes the albums Seligpreisung (1973), Coeur de Verre (1970), Agape-Agape (Love-Love) (1983) and Cobra Verde (1987), four important progressive rock & ambient works by the band from the 1970s and 1980s. Cobra Verde and Coeur de Verre are the original soundtracks of the Werner Herzog cinema-classics. All albums have been remastered and are pressed on 180g vinyl with adapted original artworks, including a bonus track on each album. These will also be available separately on CD. The 4LP vinyl box set comes with an insert with extensive liner notes and photos, completed by three prints, a collector's film still poster from Coeur de Verre and the original movie poster from Cobra Verde (both in A3 format).
in stock | UK| 2021| BMG | 84.90

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