"Stretching, refining and rearranging the sonic material extracted from records, and leaving the warmth, rhythms, and grooves from sampled sounds, PORTRAL transforms them into beautiful ambient music. Coming from a new generation of beatmakers, Inner Science releases his first non-beat project under the name PORTRAL! Starting his career in the hiphop scene, Inner Science has released 3 albums so far, and in particular his album "MATERIAL" released in 2004 from soup-disk gained the acclaim of beat freaks and electronic music fans. He ran the independent label ONEOWNER RECORDS (the label released Killer Bong's projects, and records by Illreme a.k.a. moyunijimo and AOKI takamasa) but closed it down in 2005 to the dismay of many fans. He has also engineered projects for the members of THINK TANK, released countless mixtapes, and works with a wide range of artists outside of the hiphop circuit. Applying his knowledge of sampling that he gained through beat production, he utilized the warmth of vinyl samples without using discernable rhythms, and started the ambient project PORTRAL in 2004. He has two vinyl releases as PORTRAL under his belt, and also released a DVD-R of an improvised live show with visual artist 10k. This first CD release is a culmination of his work as PORTRAL and the debut album under this name. He not only produced the music for the record, but also created the artwork." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2006| HEADZ | 16.90

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