"joy is precisely what 20-year-old Will Wiesenfeld, a.k.a [Post-foetus] emanates from his album, The Fabric, a beautifully crafted, multi-instrument emotional music playground of pure joy and absolute beauty. A sonic adventure so pure, so genuine, so intimate yet so magnificent in all its delicate layers of inviting voices, warm sounds, playful beats and dreamy, blissful melodies, that it flows like breaths of splendid zephyrs, wondrous waves and waves of true joy from the speakers straight to that timeless place of smiles we all keep in our heart of hearts. [Post-foetus] presents a perfectly balanced blend of classical instruments and dream-pop electronica, a vibrant sonic tapestry of heart-throbbing viola, piano, upright bass and guitar melodies trailing, cruising and ingeniously intertwined, layered with moving electronic percussions, ambient sounds and sampled voices, as well as a dreamy, expressive and honest vocal performance that wears its heart naturally on its sleeve. This album is mü-nest's first American artiste's release. Though still deeply rooted in mü-nest's core niche of sweet, melodious electro-acoustic music, it marks an expansion to mü-nest's usual repertoire with joyous, solid sounds that holds a presence in the air while maintaining a strong emotional sensitivity." (label info)
in stock | MAL| 2010| MÜ-NEST | 12.90

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