"More remains to be heard from Pseudo Code, a Belgian threesome from the early '80s making emotional electronic music. Pseudo Code were Alain Neffe (Insane Music), Guy Marc Hinant (1/2 founder of Sub Rosa) and Xavier S. (ex-Thrills, ex-Moving Baa, vocalist extraordinaire). What you hear is what you get: first generation Pseudo Code dated 1980/81! 'The Radio's On' sessions, after a concept by Xavier S., got eventually abandoned and shelved. Nothing is what it seems: tracks like 'Real Action' or 'Wondering Why' (from the legendary 'Sinn & Form' compilation tape) appear to be part of much longer studio improvisations, awesome unheard sounds. Alternative versions of '(I'm so) Clumsy' or 'No Desire'. There's a post-collaboration included with Daniel Malempré (M.A.L.) on guitars, added years later other forgotten pearls to explore, as if the best wine was kept until last! An album not only fascinating for Pseudo Code connoisseurs, but for everyone with open ears and mind. Belgian music history with a capital H!" (label info)
in stock | BE| 2014| EE TAPES | 10.90

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