"Pttrns are three charming multi-instrumentalists who share a doorbell in Cologne, Germany and who know exactly what they're doing. Their idea of music isn't restricted to the sheer production of sound, but instead contains an entire aesthetics, a claim to nothing less than the participation of everyone, the breaking down of distance and the orchestration of a concert as a communal performance - everyone plays everything. After 32 months, two cassette tapes and three vinyl singles, "Science Piñata" ist the first Pttrns album, produced by Guido Lucas, mastered by Josh Bonati (Aa) and nicely packaged by Our Polite Society. But most of all, "Science Piñata" is a successful documentation of their restlessness and energy, in its organic immediacy far away from a fixation on technique while still skillful and elaborate. An outstanding pop-sensibility, clearly informed by disco and afrobeat, is worked to give polyrhythmic post-punk-layers their soul back and to create something genuinely new and sincere in the process. The "thinking man's dance album", if you will." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2010| ALTIN VILLAGE & MINE | 14.90

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