"pump were andrew cox and david elliott, a pair of likeminded electronic music fiends who met at brighton uni in '79. after staring a fanzine and a tape label the pair eventually began to record their own material (initially under the moniker mfh) and released several cassette albums typified by underground industrial strains inspired by throbbing gristle, cabaret voltaire, faust and heldon. they spent the middle of the '80s often geographically estranged, with david writing for the notorious sounds magazine alongside david tibet, and andrew working in cornwall. in '87 they finally recorded new material, making for their exceptional debut album under the pump moniker, 'the decoration of the duma continues', originally released on andrew hulme's final image label. the album has languished in the out-of-print wilderness pretty much since it's release and has now been carefully remastered and reissued by forced nostalgia on a beautiful gatefold vinyl pressing "the decoration..." is clearly influenced by the era that immediately preceded its release - capturing the vapour trails of the post-punk movement while fermenting industrial and electronic ideas that would go on to dominate their incredible, criminally overlooked second album "sombrero fallout"." (boomkat) Limited edition of 500 copies.
in stock | UK| 2011| FORCED NOSTALGIA | 19.90

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