Finally a new album by Tim and Jonathan - and one of best to date. "Die hermetische Revolution" is their most rockin' longplayer since their debut "Die Ahabs" appeared back in autumn 2002. Tim Berresheim is probably the only producer around who dares to combine No-Wavish drums and funky basslines with cosmic, almost Sun Ra-alike keyboards or a polyrhythmic drum machine with field recordings and synth-noodling in the tradition of early Schlammpeitziger - and it works extremely well. Jonathan Meeses stoical, at times hypnotical voice completes the bright and frightening world of Pups - a band that could also mark the experimental end of, say, Load Records. "Die hermetische Revolution" ("The hermetical revolution") is an integral concept in Berresheim's art, the LP - as the ultra-thick cover says - was recorded in mid-december 2005, just a few days before his first "hermetical" exhibition. Limited edition of 500 copies, white vinyl.
in stock | DE| 2006| NEW AMERIKA | 14.90

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