special offer "Quicksails is the alias of Ben Billington, who also creates strange and wonderful noises with Tiger Hatchery and White Prism. Originally released on tape in 2011 by Deception Island (run by Chris Madak aka Bee Mask). Synth music seems to be everywhere right now so it takes something a little special to make something stand out. Quicksails music does this in many ways, one of which is the live percussion he weaves in amongst the synth tones and open spaces in his work. Spacious, psychedelic and blurry yet at the same time crystaline melodies flow throughout. You'll be hearing a lot more from Mr Billington over the next 12 months and onwards, believe me. Under The Spire is re-releasing Silver Balloons In Clusters in a limited edition of 200 vinyl LP's in full colour sleeves. New artwork by David Russel Stempowski." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2012| UNDER THE SPIRE | 11.90

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