"A key document of the late 70s experimental music scene in Kansai, Japan, R.N.A. Organism's sole LP "R.N.A.O Meets P.O.P.O", released by legendary Osaka label Vanity Records in 1980, was a hallucinatory trip of dubby bass, churning guitars, sputtering rhythm boxes, chattering vocals and unidentifiable sound effects. But it turns out that producer Kaoru Sato (later of EP-4) and the band had initially submitted an even more tweaked out set of mixes to the label which were largely rejected for being too extreme. As luck would have it, those original mixes were archived on (recently unearthed) cassettes and are now available for the first time, 40-plus years after they were recorded on the double LP release." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2021| | 34.90

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