special offer "'Fakerie is a digital seance of aural and visual sculptures by the New Zealand artist Rachel Shearer, formerly known as Lovely Midget. Filmed in an environment to facilitate focused listening, Fakerie is as much for the ears as the eyes. Glowing white lights ebb and expand from darkness in shifting series - like clustered stars - as penetrating resonances of acoustic and electronic overtones decompose into the tiniest sand-like components. Traces of Mary Lucier's mid-1970s burn films and Francois Bayle's musical investigation into the physical and psychical world is present. The specially programmed Region 0 (free)-NTSC format DVD plays in constant loop. Its 22-minutes can be expanded into hours allowing the user to immerse themselves in the work. This DVD is Shearer's first long-form film release.'" (label info)
in stock | US| 2009| FAMILY VINEYARD | 9.90

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