"Radiosonde is made up of Hayati Aoki and Takashi Tsuda, whose individual works can also be found in labels like Grainfield and Starnet Muzik only in Japan. After the release of the successful debut album "Sanctuary" in 2009, the duo came together again a year later and conceived this beautiful self-titled second album. "Radiosonde" is a brilliant documentation of delicate improvisation takes of guitar and autoharp by the duo. With subtle edits and heart-warming sound recording, radiosonde gently portrayed in this album the landscape of sounds, watching from a floating weather balloon above. And thus are the sense of freedom, and the vibrant feeling of joy. Radiosonde is also blessed with wonderful support from some of the most talented artists around: sawako (12K/anticipate) and Hiromits Shoji (soundworm) appeared as guest musicians, while the brilliant painter / illustrator, nakaban, contributed to the gorgeous album jacket art work." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2010| FLAU | 12.90

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