"one night i was surfing the net and i can't remember exactly how i arrived at that youtube Rakka video ?! but i saw some friendly faces (Janne from Rakhim and Ville from Black Motor) and i'd immeditaly feel the special vibes... so i wrote them and here they are, the 1st two Rakka releases on vinyl. i started with qbico way back in early 2001, so with these two records i'm celebrating 15 years OUTSIDE the music biz AND please believe me: i'd have NEVER asked/wished for something better to celebrate, both musically and aesthetically ! get down." (label info) rec. at Kirjasniemi, Orivesi in June 2013 by Markus Pajakkala, mixed & mastered at Lumpeela Recording Studio by Juha Mäki-Patola
in stock | IT| 2016| SAGITTARIUS A-STAR | 19.90

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