"During the quiet nights of winter while the snow gently falls outside, the fireplace offers warmth and light. The UK's Rameses III hail from a place where subtle drifts are priceless. These insular drones are highlighted by rich acoustic depths, adding so much contrast that it's heartbreaking. Recordings of birds add a natural grace, and in the context, this trio is freed. Within these digital walls rises something majestic, extracted from the soil. With their latest full-length release, Rameses III build upon their burgeoning reputation as architects of some of the most beautifully striking soundscapes around. Matanuska invites metaphor, conjures atmosphere and envelopes the listener in its shroud. Glistening waves of string and keyboard hum and shimmer to create wondrous ambient sculptures that eventually find release in a blossom of bucolic folk. Matanuska will appeal to fans of Stars Of The Lid, Eyvind Kang, Brian Eno, Thomas Koner and Richard Youngs." (label info)
in stock | US| 2006| m-/m-| MUSIC FELLOWSHIP | 10.00

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