"'Suns.Shadows' is the result of a longtime cooperation with Yasmina Haddad as Rashim, a relationship which started with dee-jaying and works for video artists or fashion designers. The album delivers more than a handful of ideas for those who have been looking after analogue warmth and tricky rhythms. Snippets of acoustic guitars built up a steady pattern, a jazz kit merges with a drum-synth, or a repeated stroke on something like a cello could keep you tapping on your table while you listen to a piano chord or a vocal phrase. Rashim´s cosm is definitely eclectic regarding its source material ­ pop culture can meet an orchestral drum solo - but the music is always coherent in its results. Maybe this is because of the duo´s convincing and conscious handling with instruments, sounds and samples, but more likely it is their intuitive approach and the focus on rhythm, a basic and still vivid expression." (label info)
in stock | AT| 2006| m-/m-| MOSZ | 5.85

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