special offer "Rashomon is the brainchild of London-based Matt Thompson. A founding member of Guapo, he has been developing the Film Music series under the Rashomon name since 2004. Previous instalments have been inspired by the bizarre narrative discontinuities of directors such as Hiroshi Teshigahara and Albert Zugsmith (The Ruined Map: Film Music Vol. 1) and highly disturbing 1970s public information films (The Finishing Line: Film Music Vol. 2). Over a year in the making, Ashcan Copy (Film Music Vol.3) contains interpretations of music from unreleased films from Italy, Japan and the USA (among others), dating from the 1950s to 1970s and sourced from film archives across Europe. These eight tracks expand on the source material to include elements of noise, folk, psychedelia, prog and jazz noir, while still remaining faithful to their origins. Unavailable in any other format and largely unknown until now, this music can at last be heard. For fans of Ennio Morricone, Goblin, Popol Vuh and Bohren und der Club of Gore." (label info) Limited edition of 150 copies. Last copies!
in stock | DE| 2011| HLAVA | 8.90

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