"After a year of touring, countless collaborations and time spent in hibernation writing Australia's psychedelic avant-pop collective The Rational Academy return with their sophomore full-length Swans. With Swans The Rational Academy set fire to the edges of deconstructed pop with a record that typifies their unique brand of richly textured song. Colliding their trademarked harmonic richness with a shimmering blur of post-everything sonics, this record is alive with luminous psychedelic anthems, acidic space-dirges, and deeply considered pop experimentation. It is an album that is a visionary journey through the outer rim of song-form and melody. Swans also sees the Academy working closely with producer and arranger, Lawrence English - a collaboration that sought reinvention and transformation, each of the songs being built up and peeled back numerous times to reveal their underpinning quality, within the album as a holistic work. It also features contributions from post-everything musician Mike Cooper and Australian icon Heinz Riegler." (label info)
in stock | AU| 2009| SOMEONE GOOD | 13.55

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