"The Beau Hunks present "KODACHROME", Compositions for Orchestra by Raymond Scott. Performed by The Metropole Orchestra, Conducted by Jan Stulen - Produced by Gert-Jan Blom, KODACHROME is a new collection of Raymond Scott's idiosyncratic orchestral music, performed by the 60-piece Metropole Orchestra. All compositions are making their CD debut. With KODACHROME, the Raymond Scott legacy grows yet again. After Scott disbanded his legendary "Quintet" in 1939, he formed the first of his many orchestras. Scott continued to compose, this time for a larger canvas, and some of his more historically fascinating work often went commercially unrecorded, performed only on radio (and preserved on transcription discs made by Scott himself. Includes such obscure titles as "A Bullfighter and His Piccolo," "Dreary Weather on 6th Avenue," and "Two Young Lads in Saxophone School." The earliest composition on KODACHROME, "Confusion Among a Fleet of Taxicabs Upon Meeting With a Fare," was composed in 1935; the latest, "City of New York" and "Naked City," date from 1953. KODACHROME features original cover artwork by Kellie Strøm, and liner notes by noted author and jazz historian Will Friedwald." (label info)
in stock | NL| 2002| vg++/m-| BASTA | 8.00

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