"We remember a concert at rue de la Senne in Brussels, the first, the initial thunderbolt. Once more we thought, pff great, another guy sampling Indian percussions, ya bon ya bon, the myth of the noble savage, exotic neo-paganism and all, Jean-Jacques Rousseau was just as nefarious as Descartes, nothing changes, we dream of the primitive, the virginal, the authentic; we are not free of the dichotomy, nothing new under the sun here. But we're happy to be there with our friends, and then bam the thing kicks off for the long looooong set and, despite the wonky danceable aspect and the rhythm of the whole mess, the guy kicks things off for the set and that's really what we need and yes, we reach the point that we all too easily call boredom and... the doors to the imaginary are opened for us. We feel that the guy is there, you'd almost think he's not even aware of being there anymore, he is there serving to the music, he's been taken over and so have we. It all feels like a escapist ritual you'll say... but no, the machine is there, and so is technology, so is one's place in the world, there should be no fear in accepting it as a presence. This is what VLEK is sharing through this release. RAYMONDE leaves his basement... and spills onto the hippest dancefloors, like his German peer DON'T DJ but messier. The machine becomes the bird, and idealized folklore and tradition are still around, trans-formed into its current form, that of a 21st century generation. Well done, and long live this record." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | BE| 2019| VLEK | 21.90

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