"Another big 'ol mess of headphone sex for those who like their audio entertainment uneasy and dynamic. Realistic's steamy new "Private Moments" ease in and out through a seamless barrage of beat-driven media stimuli. "Private Moments" further perfects the Realistic method whereby familiar voices and melodies work to propel the listener through a sometimes eerie and often humorous sequence of audio events. the music is a funhouse of fractured break beats, hyperactive synthesizer patterns, field-recordings, and passionate vocal fragments. drawing on the anti-copyright ideology, Realistic borrows freely from a variety of sources. disco, classic rock, television, movies, top 40 radio, found sounds and noise all find their way into Realistic's rich post-modern stew. for more than ten years Realistic's James Towning has worked as an electronic noise-maker, deftly fusing electronic and sampled sounds with spoken word and his own sense of humor. previously releasing electro-pop under the name Fact TwentyTwo, Towning later explored more abstract instrumental territory with 1998's critically-acclaimed "Maidenhead" album under the name Realistic. "Maidenhead" was later re-released on Negativland's Seeland label. in 2000 Illegal Art released a collection of remixes of the track from "Maidenhead" titled "Smells Like Teen Disco." "Private Moments" is the much-anticipated follow-up album to "Maidenhead"." (label info)
in stock | US| 2001| ILLEGAL ART | 14.90

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