out on 12.04. "Allégeance volatile and Esquive each tackle the same issue in their own way. Overcoming time: whether it be successive, additional, enumerative, or repetitive. However, there is nothing here about the ensuing nature of so-called "repetitive" music. These are types of high-end music. And it is more about insistence, the obstinacy of an individual who keeps knocking on a door that will never open. Contrée speaks of a counter-event. Here, the movement is broader, more generous, more confident. Time spreads and stretches out. What seems to be a landscape of entanglements, trajectories, influx, masses and points emerges. "Something" rises and presents itself out of the sounds - these escaping beings, these "relatively short combustion flames " (Schaeffer). The piece consists of five consecutive and uninterrupted parts: Entrée and Stance I - Véhémence de l'air and Stance II - Grande Allure. It is the central section of an electroacoustic triptych with Sables (2011) as the first and Nil (2017) as the last." (label info) comes with download code
in stock | AT| 2019| RECOLLECTION GRM | 17.90

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