"a rarity, while not being in higher atmospheres of any kind, the film "kodomo ga Mushi no shigai wo umeni iku" aka "A child goes burying dead insects" forced up a third sleep state, third dream state and third reality check.., wishing the colours were really the colours one would see everywhere, instead of the discusting digital prints or pixelated madness that get shoved up our body holes! it makes me wonder if i am really here right now or if i had seen the film before 2009 which is not possible as it was made in that glorious year. this soundtrack of japanese film maker Rei Hayama, her main concern on film is about the relations between wildlife and present humanity, she is a co founder and organizer of (+), a experimental screening project in japan. this soundtrack is driven by a beautiful japanese folk loop, blown over by a HNAS type of sound collage, primitive in it's set up, and sliced open by Rei's own angel type of vocals, like a creepy lullaby. comes in a stencil printed cover with images from the film, and a extra insert that doesn't have anything to do with it at all! limited to 200 copies." (label info) one-sided
in stock | BE| 2013| ULTRA ECZEMA | 19.90

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