"Remains is Religious Knives first full length CD and is full of beautiful synth melodies, atonal guitar, twisted percussion and haunting vocals. Religious Knives is Mike, Maya (both members of Double Leopards) and Nate Nelson (Mouthus). Remains is a collection of completely out of print and long gone material that was released on small vinyl and CD-R pressings, all re-mastered by James Plotkin for maximum audio quality. The first two tracks "Bind Them" and "Electricity and Air", are from their No Fun Productions LP. Their Heavy Tapes 7" "Blackbird" is also included in its entirety, and finally "The Train" - from a tour only CD-R - which was re-mixed for the occasion closes the epic that is Remains. An essential audio document of the beginnings of a young band already commanding cult status, and that this year already plans to be releasing material on a variety of important labels including Troubleman Unlimited and Ecstatic Peace." (label info)
in stock | US| 2007| NO FUN PRODUCTIONS | 12.90

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