special offer "After years and years of summer whine, begging and massages, Remörk has finally committed to an LP! Remörk is the name under which Kris Delacourt hides his synth madness, home-made instruments and secret jewels; not just some squirky synth bubbles: we're talking huge wah wah glass pots driven by bike pedals, magnets that react to lightning whilst spinning around, deformed church organs etc. For this debut LP Remörk re-collaged the recordings of an installation he made with 12 vinyl records, six turntables and custom electronics last summer at artist space Stadslimiet in Antwerp. Principium 2.1 is the result of the result of a result, drifting further and further away from its original idea; as usual. The foundations for these recordings were laid when fellow Belgian artist Vaast Colson invited Remörk to interpret one of his artworks using sound. The chosen work was Principium which is based on the sheets of colour dot stickers that galleries typically use to denote sold artworks. Drawing random lines across these sheets, Colson ended up with small fragments of lines on the stickers which he then reassembled into a new continuous line or a closed shape, and which in turn he thought would make interesting graphic scores. Limited to 200 copies with an insert featuring liner notes by Remörk" (label info)
in stock | BE| 2016| ULTRA ECZEMA | 14.90

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