"Rene Margraff lives and works in Berlin. He started Pillowdiver in 2008. Before this he also pretended to be a Japanese girl under the name of Le Mepris. Previously he released on Home Normal with the highly acclaimed Two People In A Room album back in 2011. This is Rene's first work under his given name and to say it covers a lot of ground would be a massive understatement. From contained harmonics through to the comedown choral end, 'phasen' is a beautiful play in light refraction and subtle inflection. The frequencies open up, bringing forth shining melody as the light refracts, only to be covered by new objects, diminishing the index into the dimmest of views, a claustrophobic nightmare. Indeed, if 'phasen' were a film, it would be a Norman Bates character on an acid- trip journey through a futuristic Tokyo; all neon lights, rain, and well...Blade Runner really. How would that end? When all things go dark, what shards would be left to hang on to? Through glimmers, the faintest of which reach our eyes, we see that light does in fact remain...the index run ragged." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2014| HOME NORMAL | 9.90

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