"Certainly there is nothing else in the Country Music canon quite like Rex Allen Jr's "Today's Generation." Promoted upon its release in 1970 as "Underground Country," it is an album both ornate and very listenable. But no amount of adornment with electric sitars, melotrons and harpsichords can disguise the fact that this is also a howl of pure, neglected, post-adolescent angst. Obsessed with mortality, guilt, conformity, the Vietnam war and drug experimentation, Rex was clearly at a "troubled" juncture in his life. And we're glad he was! Imagine the Tibetan Book Of The Dead as voiced with all the gothic undertones and crooner inflections of a southern Scott Walker and then interpreted by A-list Nashville session players...well here it is...the unique, mesmerizing "psychedelic country" of "Today's Generation"!" (label info) Comes with 24 page full colour booklet with exclusive notes, interviews and rare photos etc.
in stock | AU| 2008| THE OMNI RECORDING CORP. | 16.90

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