"The thirteenth installment in this series is the first full- length CD split by Richard Chartier and Boca Raton. Their approaches to sound are similar, so it is a good idea to combine them on a split release. Boca Raton is an ongoing musical project started by Martijn Tellinga (1974, Amsterdam, Netherlands) in 1999. It hovers at the edges of synthesized and concrete-acoustic soundworlds. The abstraction, or rather reflection, of concrete sources through electronic synthesis and manipulation creates an alias in sound which shares the associative and narrative character of the everyday soundtrack that surrounds us. More than relying on melody, harmony and rhythm, these soundworks are constructed from the fundamental building blocks of music: texture, volume and time-elapse. A composition is made by arranging and re-arranging elements, magnifying their characteristics, outlining tendency and by emphasizing the intrinsic value of the material. As well as displaying an autonomously existing sonic object, these environments are as much a carrier for the compositional form and musical gesture." (label info)
in stock | NL| 2004| KORM PLASTICS | 8.50

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